The foundation of the QSAR Lab Ltd. business is transferring chemistry from traditional laboratories to virtual space. The company’s offer includes several specialized services in the field of computational chemistry and (eco)toxicology. Using in silico methods, data analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence, the R&D Team helps our partners increase the efficiency of the research, optimize the technical processes, reduce costs, and boost innovation. We support the process of designing greener materials and chemicals, using the sustainability-by-design approach.

QSAR Lab’s research and development activities primarily concern the development of innovative computer methods for the design and health risk assessment of technologically advanced nanoparticles and nanomaterials. QSAR Lab is a pioneer in computer modeling of biological activity / (eco)toxicity / physicochemical properties of nanomaterials. QSAR Lab Experts were the first to adapt the QSAR / QSPR methodology to the specificity of nanoparticles.

Main activities are a synergy of digitization and Green Deal assumptions in the field of computational chemistry. As a result of international research projects continued in cooperation with partners from Europe, North America and Asia, our Scientists participate in the creation of legislation and research standards regarding chemical safety in Poland, Europe, and the wider world.

Among the R&D projects listed in the first part of the tender documentation, an important focus of QSAR Lab development are projects that develop computer tools to assess the risk posed by nanomaterials to human health and life.